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Developed using futuristic technologies, our ERP has Student-Faculty performance analysis, Conversational chat bots and VR based content,proves to be the best for all types of educational institutions.

We are extreme professionals in building Digital ClassRooms.

Next Generation Classroom

Advances in digital technology have induced transformation in ways we communicate, which are being translated into valuable teaching tools. Pappaya Smart School is a total digital education solution that leverages a new dimension of interactive teaching solutions. This innovative solution helps teachers engage their students and provide classroom management at heightened levels of efficiency.

Today's classroom now comes in several more different models. Choose unrivaled interactive displays that bring devices, educational software and lesson content together. No matter your decision, you can be certain that it meets our decades long standard of quality.


  • Learning Management. Aids teachers in course management, administration and lesson planning.
  • Smart attendance integration.
  • Virtual Reality Lab to have a immense learning experience and virtual tours.
  • Rich multi-media material for student learning.
  • 3-D and 2-D multimedia module.
  • More Interactive and Interesting.
  • Immersive Learning Virtual Reality.
  • Easy and low maintenance, no more hassles cleaning, data on the screen can be modified using a specialized tool or pen.
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Why Pappaya?

AI Based Tutoring
AI Based Tutoring

Helps teachers to find gaps in their teaching and point where the students struggle, thereby increasing the knowledge base of the students and the teachers.

VR Classrooms
VR Classrooms

The virtual lessons offered in Pappaya bring a great depth in understanding and simultaneously training the students with impelling interest.

Chat Bots
Chat Bots

Interactive chat bots offers students and teachers a great platform for asking questions. It proves advantageous for teachers who seek to improve their efficiency.

Student, Faculty performance analysis
Student, Faculty performance analysis

This analysis provides an introspective capability of the individual and motivating them to achieve more thereby improving them in the best possible way.

Beacon Services
Beacon Services

Users are updated about the happenings and enhanced interactivity in the form of push notifications on their mobile phones.

Beacon Services
Deep Learnings

The deep learning helps in decision making based on students' interests. This will give an insight to the parents on their children's strengths.

Higher Education And Universities

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Visitors Management System

Who We Are

Pappaya Provides pristine solutions for Visitor Tracking in any Campus. Seamless Tracking and gathering information with a sharp sense of security inside the premises help improve the documentation of a Visitor’s whereabouts.

Pappaya Offers Visitor Management to schools and Institutions to gain deeper insights on knowing what is happening around them and to focus on events on right time at right people. This Leads to increased School/Institution Security as a substantial benefit.

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campus managment


  • Notify for new courses
  • Manage student applications for placements
  • Award scholarships
  • Pay Course Fees / Late Fees
  • View Grades / Credits online
  • Select courses / instructor online
  • View Schedule / Attendance
  • Take Examination
  • Appear for Entry & Exit Test


  • Track Student progress
  • Counsel based on performance
  • Approve course allocation online
  • Publish assignments / tutorials
  • Schedule Staff meetings
  • Continuous appraisal of projects
  • Hold Seminars / Conferences


  • Notify about alumni meets
  • Invite funding for various programs
  • Invitation / Subscriptions
  • Make contributions
  • Update information
  • Share information / Chat with professors


  • Administer Student Enrolments and Payments
  • Administer CatLog, Course, Reports


  • Overview tab listing online course modules available
  • Dynamic tabs based on number of online courses available (each tab giving details on course modules)
  • Online enrolment to various learning types
  • View enrolled online courses and attempt post assessments as a part of the course


  • Staff can Create Question Bank
  • Staff can set examination papers [according to the university format or otherwise]
  • Randomly generate different set of exam questions for different individuals
  • Generate different questions for each trial
  • If the examination time expires before the work is submitted, the exam will be cancelled
  • The finished exams will be channeled to the respective staff


  • Multiple University Registration
  • Select University of Choice with ability for University to process this appropriately
  • Support Video Format, Register online
  • Enquire about courses
  • Apply Online
  • Online Course Counseling / Selection
  • Link a faculty / Staff
  • Communicate Details. Issue Admit Card
  • Publish Results


  • Catalog Setup
  • Search
  • Administer
  • Calendar View