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Pappaya Provides pristine solutions for Visitor Tracking in any Campus. Seamless Tracking and gathering information with a sharp sense of security inside the premises help improve the documentation of a Visitor’s whereabouts.

Pappaya Offers Visitor Management to schools and Institutions to gain deeper insights on knowing what is happening around them and to focus on events on right people at the right time. This Leads to increased School/Institution Security as a substantial benefit.

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Major Features

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Mobile App

Know who and where to look for people during a Casualty

Document Identity
Document Identity

Record who the visitor is and log his whereabouts

Access Control
Access Control

Restrict access to outsiders and protect the students inside

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Track Location
Track the unknown

Understand the Time a visitor check-ins and check-outs of the Campus


BarCode Scanner / RFID , Label Printer

Facile user interface

Real time monitor the status using a highly secure Kiosk management software

Life Cycle

Visitor Management Life Cycle

VMS Life Cycle
Visitors Pass

Built to meet all visitor Needs

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For contracts
Multi day pass
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School visits
One day pass
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For people with history of visits
Regular Pass
Mobile Application

Android & iOS


Dashboard displays the Day to day activities and an analysis of the number of Visitors over a period of time, showing the average number of visitors and the maximum number of visitors over a period of time

Fire muster list
Fire muster list

To locate and evacuate the concerned people during the occurrence of a casualty

Who is
Who is in my concern

Tracking the people inside the premises with their id

Face recognition and Biometric Devices record attendances of Employees and Students for documentation

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